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Should I go, should I stay, nobody knows

Open the doors of hell
Sinners who made her cry, cry tears of blood
Sing it, the song of the curse,
tell me the hidden fury inside of you
My flesh is an offering to you,
I’ll devote myself to your happiness

If you smile just once I’m satisfied
I’ll do everything instead, everything you wish for
even if my remaining time diminishes





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Is that mannequin single?

why you no wear clothes like this. multiply your already sexiness by 100 and you have death sexy

I shall survive the apocalypse in these


Fate/flower shower - Part II

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Imagine a story
Not of good against evil
But of need, against need, against need
Where everyone is at cross purposes
And everyone is to blame.


As promised, high quality scans of the 7 pictures from the Comic Market 83. Enjoy!

ravi + graffiti

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VIXX + Candy

Mirotic - Jaejoong Scenes requested by Mona.

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